Thomas Goglio
Wavelengths in my Heart
Until I was drafted in 1969 the sole driving focus in my life had been surfing.
While in the Army I discovered and took up Graphics (Printmaking) as a means of acting out. This was the first endeavor, other than my surfing, at which I had ever excelled.
At the end of my term my choices were simple: stay in the military or return to school. While I had never been an exemplary student, an awakening maturity coupled with a desired course of study led me to a newfound love of learning (these and the discovery that under the GI Bill I could surf all I wanted and attend school as well).
Fourteen years of higher education and forty two years later I am still on the path that I fell in love with at the Fort Ord Crafts Shop – and still surfing!
Many of my prints (primarily lithographs) and my paintings reflect the love that I have held for the ocean since my youth.
I sincerely hope you, the viewer, derive the same pleasure in these visual and literary explorations that I have found in their creation.